Appreciating the way light bounces: that sub-s…

Appreciating the way light bounces: that sub-surface scattering in the Medinilla and Alocasia leaves, the diffraction from the prisms, and the sun spot behind the curtain, stage right.

There’s a whole lot happening here that we don’t normally dissect: that’s part of the fun of learning new things. In photography, CGI art, and optics, for example, the positioning of lights and objects relative to one another are all-important. But noticing each part and their relationships in no way takes away from the magic of it all — the opposite, in fact. As Feynman said, “…knowledge only adds to the excitement, the mystery, the awe of a flower.” You can learn how to MAKE magic.

P.S. friends who’ve commented on my absence from your feeds 💚 thanks for your concern & I really appreciate you guys. (Not that there is anything at all to be concerned about: I just go all-in obsessed with one thing a a time and right now it’s not Instagram 😆)