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How to propagate succulents from leaves

Part 2/3 – waiting for roots and leaves to sprout

Leaves should be left in bright shade – no harsh direct sun, but not completely dark either. I just put mine anywhere there’s space, there are leaves everywhere…

Soon they will start to grow pink or white roots ! Be PATIENT with this.. plants don’t like to be moved around (neither do leaves) and I’ve found that sometimes when I keep picking up a leaf to look at it or move it, it will just…die. It’s best to just leave them be til little plantlets sprout!

The leaves in the last photo have been there for a few weeks, the pink roots are ok in the air and one of them has sprouted little leaves already ! It’s fairly humid where I am, so those living in drier environments might like to mist the leaves every day or so to encourage them to put out roots. (If I do this, they will just rot. So do judge the ambient humidity, and if in doubt, don’t mist).

PATIENCE and ACCEPTANCE goes a long way…some leaves will never sprout. Some leaves need to be ignored for months and will suddenly surprise you with perfectly formed little babies 💕