cactusandrain: How to tell when your cuttings…


How to tell when your cuttings are ready for more water 🌱

I misted these rootless cuttings everyday (the leaves, not the soil) until I knew they were growing roots. Usually dormant cuttings look the same from day to day, but when they start growing roots, the bottom leaves will start to shrivel quite quickly (see arrows). They get softer and eventually dry up. Don’t pluck them off! The plant is reabsorbing nutrients to put out roots (circled). I just pulled them out to photograph them, but it’s best not to disturb the roots too much as they can wither and die easily when they’re so small. Usually when I see leaves wrinkling up I trust that roots are starting to grow, and I will mist the soil around those particular cuttings to make sure they get some water. They still dry out completely from day to day as it’s very hot in the day now, but I think they’re doing okay 🍀