Help with echeverias


Hi! I new to growing succulents (mostly echeverias, *sobs*) in sg and I’ll like to know if they’ll be fine without air-conditioning at night because I read something about the night temperature needing to be <25C for them to take in CO2. 

But then I’ve also seen (veeeery few) sg growers including yourself just growing them outdoors, so I’ll just like to check! For now, I leave my succulents outside my window where they get morning sun and 1-2 hours of direct afternoon sun. 

How do you acclimatise your succulents when they’re newly bought? Or do you just leave them out and hope they survive ahaha

Thanks :’), Est


Singapore is the worst place for succulents, LOL. Yes, in my experience most are ok without aircon. I think they need time to acclimatise, and the main impt thing is that the difference between day and night temps must be significant. So outside your window where they get direct afternoon sun (~35c?) and nighttime total shade (~27c) is fine 🙂 (If they were in shade all the time and it’s constant temp I think they won’t be so happy). I do find that some echeveria are v v hard to grow long term in SG – the temperate kind that needs winter rest once a year, which is impossible.. (this is why i stopped buying “korean” succulents lol..they can live for months but not years)   

I think so far the easiest echeveria to grow in singapore are: 

perle von nurnberg

topsy tury

curly locks

ben badis



For newly bought succulents, I try to buy larger ones (10cm across at least) as they are much more likely to survive. I usually remove all soil and leave them bareroot in bright shade (no direct sun) until i see new roots starting to grow (usually a couple of weeks). Then I’ll pot them up, and after a week I’ll start to move them out into the sun. I try and do it on cloudy days/weeks where it won’t be scorching sun everyday.. 

Responding to your second ask as well: 
Sorry, not selling any plants right now cos I’m super busy with work and have no time to cultivate/pack them to meet demand! If you wanna buy echeveria, I really really recommend Chengtai nursery where it’s only $8/per plant in 10cm pots

They gave me a discount when I bought the two trays shown below, so it was only $6 per pot.. most of them are still alive and ok outdoors now, those that died were mostly attacked by snails/rot during the monsoon season. @hottiehorti and I visit some nurseries every few months, you’re welcome to join us! Just drop me an ask with your number (dw I won’t publish it) and I’ll whatsapp you 🙂