I’ve learned some stuff!

1️⃣ Pups need to hang onto their leaf things until they’re ready to fall off. DON’T PULL!

2️⃣ If a pup is having trouble setting its roots and keeps going sideways, then it’s sideways! Stick it in the ground in the direction the roots want! It has a plan!

3️⃣ Aloe babies! Should separate these out next time I repot! Time to spread the love!

4️⃣ DROPPING LEAVES IS HOW THEY SHED EXCESS WATER! ROOTS ALONG THE STEM/TRUNK MEAN THE ROOTS ARE DESPERATE FOR AIR! Be careful! How do you figure out if a succulent needs a drink, though…? Easy! You don’t always need to check the soil. Give your plant a handshake. Firm leaf? “Plenty of water, no thank you!” Soft and wrinkled, but not rotting or translucent? “MAN I’M PARCHED!”