succygirl: Hey! I thought you maybe would kno…


Hey! I thought you maybe would know how to deal with this aloe aristata getting really long. I got it from a coworker (in this state) and I would prefer if it’s not this snakey. Any advice would be super appreciated! Thank you in advance


Hi! Goodness it looks like it hadn’t been getting enough light and went looking for it. The solution is to chop off it’s head and reroot the cutting. Use some clean cutting utensils, either a knife or some scissors work as long as they’re clean so splash a bit of rubbing alcohol on them to be sure, and cut the top off. You’ll want to strip off some of the lower leaves from that cutting, to have about an inch of bare stem, so make sure where you cut takes that extra length into account. You’ll want to leave the cutting out to dry for a day or so before popping it into some dry well draining soil. Leave it dry until roots start forming, you can kind of tug on it and if you feel resistance trying to pull it out of the soil that means there’s roots (or if you gently pull it all the way out to check visually). This is when you can start watering. Give it a good soaking and then leave it until the soil is completely bone dry before watering again. Roots can take awhile to show up so don’t be discouraged if it’s been a month and there’s still no roots! 

The base of the plant that you chopped it’s head off of can still be grown, as well! You may want to cut it down farther so that there’s not a curvy stem when new babies grow from it. So give it a haircut and throw the curvy middle bit away, it might make babies/root but eeeh they’d be kinda funky looking. The bottom section can keep all of the leaves you didn’t chop off and be watered normally (or as normal as a succulent is watered, so a good soak once every 2-3 weeks). Make sure you keep the open wound on it from being chopped dry!! do not water anything but the soil, so don’t get any water trapped between the leaves or they might rot)

It seems pretty healthy besides the stretching, thankfully 🙂