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Third Round of Plants

You can find the first and second posts here.

Hey guys, my 4 year old Siberian husky Hubble was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. Its been a hard week. Treatment and his biopsy are extremely expensive, so I’m going to sell a lot of my plants, I can always buy more but there is no replacing Hubble. Please click on the link for more information on him on my primary blog.

Prices are firm, please remember that all this money goes to treating and keeping me dog comfortable. Prices DO NOT include tax or shipping. Contiguous US only. Paypal only!

Contact me through this blog or @huskyhuddle, with any questions. I will be posting more plants for sale in a few hours as well. I will update this post as the plants are sold.

  1. E. Domingo, beautiful colors!!–$17
  2. E. Lola–$8 (2 available)
  3. E. Blue Atoll Crested–$25
  4. Aeonium Kiwi Cluster–$9 (2 available)
  5. E. Perle Von Nurnberg–$9–(4 Available) 2 Available
  6. E. Blue Atoll (single plant)–$13
  7. Sedum Little Missy (very prolific, fast growing, perfect for ground cover and arrangements) 10 inches–$15
  8. Unknown ID, Bright orange curly edges, gets more vibrant with more sun–$10
  9. E. Orange Glow–$15
  10. Sedum Little Gem, 10 inches–$17