horticultureheathen: Hens and Chicks


Hens and Chicks

A versatile plant that propogates itself, Hens and Chicks is an awesome choice for an outside or inside garden! Used as a symbol of abundance and wealth, Hens and Chicks is great for drawing wealth or joy into your home. I always keep mine near the window in my bedroom, which helps bring me abundant dreams and clarity.

Easy to take care of, Hens and Chicks is another great “training plant.” To bring abundance into your home, leave one by the entryway in a bright spot, or keep one on your porch to welcome in new friends and good auric energies.

To take care of Hens and Chicks:

They enjoy dry feet, so water only once a week or every other week in the winter, and keep them in a sunny, warm spot. Overwatering of this succulent can lead to rot, burst/yellow leaves (see above *coughThanksForOverawateringWalmartcough*), and death of the plant. Make sure the top 1″ of the soil is dry before watering, and keep Hens and Chicks in a terracotta pot if you have a hard time with not overwatering. Fertilize once a year in the spring, and that’s it! 

Simple, easy, and beautiful! Do you have Hens and Chicks? What does it mean to you?