Okay, I think it’s time I put the brakes on the succulent obsession.

Why, you might ask?

1. I’m out of usable space! Anything beyond this would mean I was truly decending into insanity.

2. I got one of my “big dream” plants in the mail today, an echeveria cante (1st two photos) and it’s a whopping 11 inches across. Goddamn!!! I’m in love!

It’s true that everyone will have more space in the spring and summer months, but all my older echeverias are actively growing; the arrangement in photo 5 is bursting out of its pot after less than two months. (That’s why all my new arrangements have plenty of growing room.)

I’m thankful that it’s probably the least expensive of my hobbies (traditional art supplies and planted aquariums definitely cost more) but I need to hold on to cash this month because other people need their gifts, and I have a hefty bicycle repair bill to take care of. Oof!

The houseplants really do take the edge off my SAD though, as this is the gloomiest autumn we’ve had since 1983. (No really.)