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‘Yanked from the ground’: cactus theft is rava…

‘Yanked from the ground’: cactus theft is ravaging the American desert:


Keeping plants is cool. You know what’s NOT cool? Keeping plants that were illegally harvested from the wild. Do your due diligence when purchasing you plants, especially on eBay.

Also, please stop stacking rocks.



My mother hasn’t repotted this cactus in over 20 years…… think it’ll be good even after the roots get damaged when I loosen them?


Oh yeah! Loosen those babies uuuuup. Root damage is inevitable but cacti are hardy mf, it should be totally fine. Just don’t water it in after repotting it. You want to let any damage callus and heal over before you soak it. So if its unsteady in its new pot you can stake it or use some rocks to steady it. Should wait at least a week before you water it but you can go even longer since its a cactus. 🙂

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okay this might seem like a silly question, bu…

okay this might seem like a silly question, but how do you water (soak & dry) succulents if their pots have drainage holes? i have a few succulents, but only one is in a pot with a drainage hole (pls dont hate me lol i do what i can to provide drainage) and anyway I watered the one with the drain hole for the first time and… probably half the water drained out. so it's not exactly 'soaked' you know?

Most of the time I bottom water my plants. That means I put the pots in some kind of container/tub and fill the tub up with water up to the soil-line of the plant. It gets to sit in there for awhile. Eventually the water pushes its way up the drainage hole, fills all the crevices, and lets the soil absorb some of the water. Eventually the top of the soil looks wet and I take it out and let it drain. That ensures there’s no dry spots that can happen while watering overhand. While it may seem like the water is just draining completely out when watered overhand the water actually gets suspended by water tension in between particles and becomes available to the plants. Unless of course your soil is largely made up of peat moss, which becomes hydrophobic when dry, so it repels water unless its soaked for awhile. (Which is another reason i bottom water)

Without a drainage hole you end up in that far right side if you water too much and the water can’t drain away. It just turns into a swamp, basically, with no air, which quickly turns to rot. Which isn’t good for succulents. That’s not to say you can’t use pots without drainage holes but its MUCH harder and not recommended for beginners, it just makes it unnessesarily harder.



When peace comes by contrast…

These Pachyphytum oviferum “Moonstones” and Sedum forsterianum (maybe) make good pot-fellows despite their different colors, textures, and cultivation habits.




Blooming ✨🌸🌵



Echevaria flowers just starting to open 😍

planticulture: Despite the daily drizzles my …


Despite the daily drizzles my succulents are actually thrivinggg!

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Stevie and Heihei