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Some tomatoes, bell peppers, a fresno pepper, …

Some tomatoes, bell peppers, a fresno pepper, and ichiban eggplants in the background all from my garden.

I haven’t posted much about my garden lately, and that’s mainly because it’s doing so great. Thanks to Oklahoma summer kicking in (aka excessive heat, sudden drenching rains, and intense sun), pretty much everything except my pepper plants is struggling.

My tomato plants are unhappy enough now there are no new tomatoes (it’s just been too hot for pollen to grow), but I have been getting some harvest before we hit regular upper 90′s and the past couple days triple digit temperatures. If they can make it through July, then I’ll have fall tomatoes till frost, but it’s about 50/50 if the plants make it based on previous years.

Fingers crossed my garden doesn’t burn up with this summer heat!



Potato plants decided June was getting too hot. Got a decent harvest, a couple pounds. If we hadn’t had those late frosts, might of had more.


So last week I went to the garden center with my mom because she wanted to get hibiscuses, and I saw they had little pitcher plants and I just had to pick one up. This variety I think is probably
Nepenthes andamana, though the label just said Nepenthes spp. and called it “monkey cup.”

I know they like to be very moist and humid, so I won’t be keeping it next to my two succulents on the left, I just need to rearrange shelving first.

2018 Season Update

New year, new gardening season! I’ve got a full garden this year, and I’m so excited to see everything come up and produce.

I’m trying my hand at more squash this year. I’ve got yellow straight-neck squash in the left bucket, and bush zucchini on the right (had a bit of an issue with squash beetles while I was away, hence the discoloration).

In my west bed I have a bunch of potatoes in the left corner, some herbs in front (mint, lemon balm, thyme), a variety of peppers in the middle and back right corner, and oregano in the front right. Soon the basil should come up, i saw some seedlings yesterday.

My middle garden has most of the tomato plants this year, plus some nasturtium and borage in the middle of them to help keep bugs at bay and bring in bees. Lettuce in the front really took off with the rain we got last week. Green onion, parsley, and red onions all enjoying the sun next to the lettuce, and lavender and hyssop bushes on the right are starting to put out flowers.

My north east bed looks a little empty. The tomato on the left hasn’t grown too much, but the sage is starting to flower. Something ate my cantaloupe seedlings so I had to restart those. There’s a sunflower peaking behind the sage buds, my mom wanted some of the big flowers so I started them in spots around my garden. Rosemary happy as always, needs a trim.

My south east bed is doing pretty great too. Had a bit of an issue with flea beetles on my Japanese eggplant plants, but diatomaceous earth helped a lot. Some garlic still going on either side, nasturtium growing on the left, and more oregano I need to trim back. The pumpkin plant is coming up nicely too next to the fennel in the back left corner.

My raspberry bush has really grown. The second year canes have berries on them now, and the first year canes for this season are shooting up all over.

Last, but not least, is the spinach. For the most part they’ve done pretty well, I’ve had a few rounds of picking leaves already, but they got a bit water logged last week and I was gone so I couldn’t do anything about that. Strawberry plant enjoyed the rain though. A couple of the spinach plants died early on, but in one of the spots I started a sunflower which I’ll transfer to a better place once it’s big enough…some animal around my house likes to eat sunflower seedlings.


so last weekend was the local herb and plant festival, and I knew I’d be able to get some rarer succulents the local garden center doesn’t carry (or way overprices them to where I can’t afford them). I also got the pepper plants I needed for my garden this year too at the show, which I’ve done the past couple years now.

So I got myself two succulents I wanted for a long time. A Kalanchoe tomentosa, better known as “silver panda” (on the left), and a Lithops karasmontana (on the right). The silver panda is nice to look at and touch lightly because it’s fuzzy, and lithops just look really weird and cool.

Also, an update on the succulents I’ve been growing by leaf cutting. All of these came from the leaves I collected off the ground at Home Depot last summer, and man have they grown! The three in the little round pots were actually conjoined, I just split them yesterday. It’s so cool growing my own succulents like this…even if it’s been a slow process. I have a little silver panda in there too but it’s barely a centimeter high and still attached to the parent leaf. The   Echeveria “Perle von Nürnberg”  has been really successful since it makes up half the succulents in that pic there.

Since I didn’t get an internship this summer, I’ll be tending to my outdoor garden, which I’ll take some pictures of it once the last seeded things come up.

Succulent propagating update: little plants are starting to…

Succulent propagating update: little plants are starting to grow! Plants are so cool.

Roots! Four leaves now have roots coming out of them. Pretty…

Roots! Four leaves now have roots coming out of them. Pretty awesome considering all these leaves came from the ones that dropped off plants at home depot that hadn’t gotten cleaned up. I’ll take free plants anytime.

I’ve been spraying them every day, and besides one leave that was sickly when I found it, they’re all doing well. Also the purple hue is from the grow light, I’m starting a new pie pumpkin plant to plant in a few weeks.

It may be July…but I have pumpkins!This is the first time…

It may be July…but I have pumpkins!

This is the first time I have successfully grown pumpkins. Turns out the bees around here don’t do their job very well when it comes to pumpkins so I had to manually pollinate the flowers.

I might cook these up this weekend if it cools down, make some tasty pumpkin bread or something. It may be a bit early for fall food, but based on the number of female buds I’ve got coming in, I’m going to have plenty of pumpkins for the fall.

So Jenkins wasn’t doing so great, and after the repotting, he…

So Jenkins wasn’t doing so great, and after the repotting, he kicked the bucket. RIP Jenkins.

I knew I wanted another frosted fern to replace him, thus a trip to the garden center was in order. Say hello to Jenkins II (and Bitty in the corner there). The plant was twice the size of the pot in the picture, so I carefully split it. I hope to pot the rest of it once it grows more and I have a larger pot for it.

I don’t really know what caused Jenkins to die, but I’m keeping myself on a better watering schedule for everything I have so hopefully that will help (the app I’m using is “waterbot”).

Blue Mariner Panies

Blue Mariner Panies