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🖤🌵 at @rbgedinburgh

🖤🌵 at @rbgedinburgh



Texture 🌿🐚 #isleofbute #scotlandsbeauty http…

Texture 🌿🐚 #isleofbute #scotlandsbeauty

🌿🌿🌿 #ferns #isleofbute #scotlandsbeauty htt…

🌿🌿🌿 #ferns #isleofbute #scotlandsbeauty



I got this #Philodendron ‘White Wizard&r…

I got this #Philodendron ‘White Wizard’ (not ‘White Knight’; different) about 3 years back and it’s never had much variegation at all — like one small stripe of white, and that leaf died off long ago. But this one unfurled fully this morning. 🥰

#philodendronwhitewizard #leaveonlyleaves



#lviv #botanicalgarden #greenhousehunters http…

#lviv #botanicalgarden #greenhousehunters

If you’ve heard the news about #Flickr (…

If you’ve heard the news about #Flickr (see previous post) and want another option, there are plenty of lists online detailing the best cloud storage and galleries, but here’s my take:

For online galleries/portfolios, let me give you some ⭐ super-awesome secret pro tips wow! ⭐ I’m an art director and the places I look for pro photographers to hire are sites like @wonderfulmachine and @womenphotograph; sometimes @500px or even IG. Not @flickr for many reasons, incl: it’s been dead for years, many profiles are not filled out well, and I don’t know if a user will get back to me quickly enough. So if you want to show off your work and get hired, use those aforementioned services. Illustrators: get yourself on @behance, @artstationhq, etc. Use tags wisely. Photographers: listing your location is really important!

For storage: I thought I’d move to Google Photos since I’m already using many Google/Android products. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered significant problems and missing features in Google Photos and Drive. But I’ll save my requests and complaints for their Dev team.

Instead, I’ve decided to try Amazon’s Photos & Drive: free unlimited photo storage (at original res — I checked) for Prime members and 5GB for videos/other. An extra $11/year gets you 100 GB which is great if you’re already a Prime member.

I’m leaving @flickr. Here’s why: -…

I’m leaving @flickr. Here’s why:

If you haven’t checked on your #Flickr account in a while, you should do so before 2019. If you’re on a free account with over 1000 images or videos, they may be deleted in February.

You might already know Flickr was acquired by Smugmug not long ago, taking over from Yahoo. Naturally, new mgmt means changes. I’m not going to summarize here; head over to the Flickr landing page and check out their new rules for free vs paid accounts. Also worth reading: @fastcompany’s updated article about the changes, which mentions that previously-uploaded CC images will remain intact.

Some people think this is a good change. Evidently, Flickr’s previous 1TB/account offering was unsustainable. But, I’ve had a free account for over 10 years and while I concede that services have to make money somehow, the impending deletion of years of content still feels like a slap in the face. (Especially MacAskill’s presumptuous opinion of who can afford to “pony up” a $50 annual fee based on what we shoot with.) There are plenty of other, more useful storage & gallery options out there, so I’ll be downloading my shit and going.

Another reason: personally, I hate subscription-based plans. I honestly feel like they’re a bit predatory: with all of the various subscriptions one can have, it’s too easy for them to rack up and easy enough to forget one. Holes in a boat. If I’m going to subscribe, it has to be easy to stop and useful enough to start at all. I’d also prefer to stay within a multi-purpose ecosystem, like Google’s.

You might find you like the new proposal. This is just a PSA for those who haven’t logged in in a while.