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Hello everyone! I’ve been packaging away. Been getting emails😃and will be answering them soon. Monday will mailing out packages.

I have plenty of seeds to share, and if you know of anyone that needs seeds I have plenty for them too.

Jan 26, 19 👩🏼‍🌾


I’ve had this flower 💐arrangement by the kitchen window for over a year now. Yes, my kids gave this to me when I had one of my surgeries. I just love it. 🥰Besides fresh flowers, I do like looking at dried ones too. But…

I think it’s going to be shredded so I can get the seeds! 😂😂😂😂 i didn’t think 🤔 it was possible. I’ve searched all my pictures to see what kind of flower was this one, couldn’t find it but tomorrow is going into some dirt! 🙃

Jan 23, 19 👩🏼‍🌾


Happy that many of you have sent your address 😍🥰.

To answer many of you:

Yes it’s free, will be a mixture of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Yes, I have plenty to share.

At the end summer I go on road trips with my husband to the country and buy seeds from little stores or people who couldn’t sell them.

I love cooking and feeding others and by doing this, is my way to do so.


Jan 20, 19


It’s that time again! 😃Got lots of seeds to share! Send your address and will mail a mixture of everything.

If you got some before and want or need some more, you are welcome to send address again 😀

Jan 16, 19 👩🏼‍🌾

“Ye Olde Seed Garden” stamp has ar…

“Ye Olde Seed Garden” stamp has arrived! Testing it out on the envelopes kids made 😊



Ye Olde Seed Garden

I was wondering if this sounds good… I keep rescuing and buying seeds when stores selling season is over to give away to all you gardeners ( )

Kids want to stamp the homemade envelopes they making. 😆 so I need to order a stamp…



I love sharing seeds… even if in the past you gotten seeds from me, you can get seeds again 😊 like always email me your address and will mail them 💚 … if you looking for something specific ask away, I might have it 😃


galactic-tardigrade: Awful pics because awful…


Awful pics because awful lighting and an older phone, but I got seeds from @bambuita! I’m so excited, this is far more than I anticipated! I’m going to be sharing most of them with my parents for their far more substantial garden. Thank you so much!! 🌱🌱🌱

Your welcome! 💚Enjoy the harvest ! Happy gardening ! 😁

greenhousewitchcraft: @bambuita Thank you so …


@bambuita Thank you so much for the amazing seeds! I definitly didn’t expect this many. I look forward planting some come spring.

Look forward to a thank you back from my tiny seed collection, I might have something interesting for you!

😊 @greenhousewitchcraft

Snowing outside so we sowing inside! 2/17/18

Snowing outside so we sowing inside!