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My volunteer tomato plant is thriving! 😊 these are the biggest tomatoes this season.



My volunteer tomato plant is thriving! 😊 these are the biggest tomatoes this season.


Heirloom salsa verde! Delicious!!! 10/29/17

Heirloom salsa verde! Delicious!!!


Yummy harvest! 10/3/17

Yummy harvest!


30 pints of basil, oregano & garlic sauce! 10/1/17

30 pints of basil, oregano & garlic sauce!


Tomato or tomatoes? 9/19/17

Tomato or tomatoes?


Well… we canned salsa tonight… of course we…

Well… we canned salsa tonight… of course we roasted the tomatoes ?????????????????????


My Garden

I’ve been meaning to post about my gardens I have, and I finally got around to taking pictures (and weeding to make them look nice).

First off are my plots. There’s four of them, going from oldest plot to newest.


In my west plot I have some carrots, spinach, and lettuce coming up. A stubborn red potato started coming up, which was a surprise because I thought I got all of them last season. Mint and thyme are having fun in the front left corner, and the basil is coming up nicely too, though it’s too short to see most of it. Tarragon is hiding under the oregano that absolutely took off this spring. There’s some sage behind it somewhere, in between the four tomato plants. To the left of the tomatoes, hidden, is a night-scented tobacco plant, which I’m hoping will do what I was told it did and keep those stupid tobacco horn worms off my tomatoes (and no, you can’t smoke it, unless you’d like to die, as it’s in the nightshade family, and thus poisonous).


In my center plot, half is dedicated to sweet potato which is starting to spread around the remnants of the snow peas I had over winter. The other half has green onion, parsley hiding, lemon verbena, chamomile, hyssop, lavender, and garlic all thriving. The garlic actually sprouted in the fridge, so I got some free garlic to grow. Also featuring Cat Rock on the railroad ties.


In my north East plot I have Mad Hatter (a local variety of pepper I think), more sage, and three more pepper plants (one jalapeno, two bell), and rosemary. The bell and jalapeno plants I got at the local herb and plant festival again, though this year they looked quite pale and weren’t growing much. Thankfully after a feeding, the leaves got darker green and got a bit taller too, so I’m hoping the stunt didn’t push their season back much.


In my southeast plot, the newest plot I just built this spring, I have happily growing pie pumpkin, some hidden dill, marigold, and oregano to keep the beetles away along with some nasturtium too, and slow but steady growing cantaloupe. There’s even a few female buds on the pumpkin, which is a great sign, and I hope they don’t rot like last season.

Now for my non-plot plants.


I had a lot of garlic sprout, though these actually belong to a friend,
I’m just taking care of them while she’s out of the country for June.
I’m also trying my hand at asparagus this summer, in the big planter.
Also featuring Texas Rock behind the asparagus.


Got raspberries growing this year. The plant looked very sad when I got it, but now it’s almost doubled in size with a bunch of new leaves.


I’m also growing black beans (bush variety), though I’ve had something keep stealing the beans before they could sprout (the family is split 50/50 on squirrels or bunnies being the culprit) so I made chicken wire domes to keep whatever it is out until the plants are big enough. So far so good.


Though it took over a month to sprout, I’ve got ginger coming up in a planter like the asparagus. I wasn’t sure if it would sprout, but I saw that little shoot a couple days ago. Turns out getting ginger from Whole Foods does work for growing (and my camera doesn’t like focusing on little sprouts in the shade).

So far so good on all my plants, besides the spinach and lettuce needing to be reseeded thanks to Oklahoma’s wacky weather, and bean stealing. I can’t wait for the tomatoes to come in. We had a great amount rain just as they got rooted so they shot up super quick, and the cherry one already has some tomatoes on it. 

I’ll post an update probably in July, or whenever stuff starts really fruiting.

Found this! I know it will help me and all of you guys!…

Found this! I know it will help me and all of you guys!